What kinds of the grid are used in the Bingo?

Bingo drum with the balls

Online Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games in the world, and the reasons for its success are easy to explain. It is a very fun and friendly social game with simple rules to master. However, while it’s easy to get started in a bingo game, whether it’s in a bingo hall or an online casino, it’s important to analyze the grid carefully you’re about to play Bingo on if you want to be sure of winning!

What bingo grid to choose?

If there was a saying in Bingo, it would be this: “For each variant, its own game grid”! Unfortunately, many players don’t know this, but Bingo has a lot of different game cards for different bingo variants:

The 30 ball bingo: this variant is played on a 3×3 grid format. There are only 9 squares on the grid for a total of 30 balls played.

75 Ball Bingo: The 75 ball bingo grid – also known as American Bingo – is composed of 5 columns and 5 rows. Each of the squares has a number except for the center square, which is empty.

80 Ball Bingo: The 80 ball bingo game board has 4 rows and the same number of columns. The first row has the numbers 1-20, and the second row has the numbers 21-40, the third row has the numbers 41-59, and the fourth and final row has the numbers 60-80.

90 ball bingo: The cardboard used for 90 ball bingo games – or European Bingo – is 27 centimetres long and 9 centimetres wide. This means that the grid has nine columns and three rows. As a general rule, each row normally has at least five numbered squares. The game grid also has vacant squares. 

How to choose winning Bingo grid?

Good question! The reason is that while bingo grids are very different, they have similar winning probabilities. So, we advise you to make your choice according to your desires. For example, 30 ball bingo is perfect for players in a hurry because of its quick draw. The 75 ball bingo has some special features that will suit the novice player without any problems. The 80 ball bingo will appeal to a wider range of players as it is one of the most represented versions on the net.

Finally, the 90 ball bingo will suit players who are used to playing in a bingo hall because of its much longer draws than the other variants.

Bingo balls with numbers

While we’re on the subject of grid bingo, you should know that playing online is much cheaper than playing on a cardboard box.

If you are used to going to bingo parties organized by your local community or associations, you know that you don’t go there to win but to have fun while participating in a jackpot or a good cause. 

The best way to boost your winnings is to play on a virtual bingo card, one of the many titles you can find at a good online casino. The cost of the game is already lower, but the chances of winning are also higher.

Not to mention that with the taxes imposed on the bingo grid by a national organization, you are losing money for a slim chance of winning.

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